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I’m Peter Morley, Your Patient Advocate

I started my career in broadcasting research and worked at both NBC and CNBC as a research manager, until I became permanently disabled following a fall off a ladder in 2007. Since then, I’ve become a “professional patient,” and now live with 10 pre-existing conditions, 17 doctors, and 38 different medications (plus a weekly self-administered injection to help keep my lupus at bay). I’ve had 3 failed spinal surgeries, survived cancer twice, and continue to live with chronic illness. 

Motivated by assaults on the Affordable Care Act and the daily challenges patients like me encounter in both healthcare and our everyday lives, I became a Patient Advocate in 2016. Since then I’ve worked with government agencies, elected officials, political candidates, advocacy organizations and the media to protect and expand healthcare for all.

My guiding principle is that no one should ever have to worry about having their healthcare taken away from them just because they became ill, and I’ve has put that principle into practice in every part of my advocacy.

I hope you’ll join me in the fight to protect our care.

Videos | About My Advocacy | News | Photos | Share Your Story

Video credit: Now This