How mask shaming affects immunocompromised people

When Peter Morley, who has an autoimmune disease, was out and about on the streets of New York City for Pride Month celebrations in June, he wore a mask — as well as a matching outfit with his best friend, Charlie.

Their matching outfits caught the attention of a photographer, and when the two posed, Morley said the photographer asked him to pull his mask down. After Morley declined, the photographer responded by saying, “COVID is over. Get on with your life.”

The Pain, Passion and Purpose of Meeting Congressman Elijah Cummings

My name is Peter Morley. I am a patient and a patient advocate. In the last two years, I have traveled to D.C. from New York City twenty-five times to share my personal story and to advocate for thousands who shared their health care stories with me. I have met with Democratic and Republican Members of Congress, alike. I have worked with the offices and healthcare staffers, with almost 2/3 of Congress, and a multitude of legislators. I have had the privilege to create digital media with members to amplify the need to protect healthcare and calls to action.