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In August 2021, Nationally-recognized disabled patient advocate Peter Morley is joining forces with organizations and partners at the federal, state and local levels, to create and amplify education, advocacy training, and digital content that raises awareness of how health care touches every issue inĀ Americans’ lives.

Peter will travel the Northeast with his Service Dog, Anjelika, advocating with members of Congress in their own districts to showcase their work while making and amplifying digital content with organizations and partners nationwide.

Peter’s ultimate goal is to use his platform to lift up the work being done on health care, and establish August as “National Health Care Awareness Month.” 

What Is Health Care Awareness Month?

Health Care Awareness Month, co-founded by Peter Morley and Rachel Brody, is an effort to raise awareness of the work being done to improve health care in America. It will feature panel discussions, advocacy training, informational sessions, digital content and videos featuring legislative efforts to improve health care, and more.

How Can I Help?

Taking part in Health Care Awareness Month can be as simple as posting to social media using our hashtag, #HealthCareAwarenessMonth, or as extensive as participating in HCAM and our partners’ seminars and other events.

Who is involved?

Led by Peter Morley and an all-volunteer team of activists, organizers and policy experts, Health Care Awareness Month’s founding partners include advocacy organizations and social amplification networks advocating for awareness and action on a wide range of policy issues.

If your organization would like to discuss becoming a Health Care Awareness Month partner, please email to request more details.

Health Care Awareness Month Founding Partners