New York, NY – Today, the Health Care Awareness Month team applauds Reps. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) , Tom Cole (R-OK) and Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), on convening the Congressional Social Determinants of Health Caucus.

Said nationally-recognized Patient Advocate Peter Morley, “We want to offer our thanks and applause to Reps. Bustos, Butterfield, Cole, Mullin and every other member who has joined this caucus. Raising awareness of social determinants of health is a central theme for Health Care Awareness Month, and we’re beyond overjoyed that so many members are committed to fighting for real health care solutions that help everyday Americans lead lives where ALL their health care needs, including social determinants of health, are addressed.”

Morley’s four and a half years of advocating with members of Congress and others in government has led to testifying three times before Congress on health care, as well as holding hundreds of meetings with members in both the House and Senate, and creating dozens of health care videos. This August, Morley and his team are partnering with advocacy organizations, well-known advocates, members of Congress, and members of state and local governments around the country to help educate Americans about how they can advocate for their, their family’s, and the country’s health care.

“When we started planning to make August into Health Care Awareness Month, we couldn’t have believed things would move this quickly,” said Executive Director Rachel Brody. “Watching the enthusiasm and support people and organizations have for this project has been humbling, and a true honor.”

In partnership with a growing list of groups including Survivor Corps, Social Security Works, DemCast USA, Democratic Coalition, the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee, Voters of Tomorrow, Young Invincibles, Newtown Action Alliance, One Million Of Us and more, Health Care Awareness Month will launch in August and feature educational programming, advocacy training, content about legislative efforts to improve healthcare, and more.

Interested in knowing more? Morley and Brody can be reached for further comment at [email protected], and are happy to connect members of the media with Heath Care Awareness Month partners.


Morley’s tweet congratulating the caucus:

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